Shaved Ice Cream Tasting at Stay Cafeteria


Yep, you heard us right! Shaved Ice Cream Tasting!

Summer is finally here and Stay Cafeteria, a new Modern Chinese Tea House at Spadina & Nassau in Chinatown is partnering with Toronto Common to offer a unique Chinese summer treat!

Already hosting to a Menu Tasting event, we noticed they offered Shaved Ice Cream and had to give it a try!

Shaved ice is already a favourite summer treat in Asia, with a much smoother texture than a snow cone and often with fresh fruit or bubble tea type toppings. Stay Cafeteria takes it one step further with shaved ice cream, richer than traditional ice and flavoured with toppings to match.

Guests will get to try 3 mini shaved ice creams for $10 tax and tip included!

Black Sesame Shaved Ice Cream with tapioca, brown sugar jelly, aloe jelly, chocolate chips, and chocolate cigar
Matcha Green Tea Shaved Ice Cream with red bean, tapioca, myotonin, aloe jelly and chocolate cigar
Mango Shaved Ice Cream with fresh mango, tapioca, yogurt tapioca, aloe jelly and chocolate cigar

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